Magnolia Park has today released their new collaboration with Chicago’s Action/Adventure titled ‘Déjà Vu’ on Epitaph Records.

that tightness in the rhythm and that grittiness in the soul, Magnolia Park is a band that is helping forge and refine this decade. And this decade needs it. Having been in lockdown for most of it, us music listeners need an anthem for social emancipation and Magnolia Park with Action/Adventure delivers that with a raised fist and road worn shoes demanding that we get out of the house and join them. Add that snark to your newly rediscovered smile and do just that. We need it.

Check out the tour dates below to join the revolution.

About Magnolia Park

Defying the rules of what a band can be, Magnolia Park breaks through the gates as they establish what the future of pop punk and alternative music will become.

Magnolia Park consists of Josh Roberts (vocals), Tristan Torres (guitar), Jared Kay (bass), Vincent Ernst (keys), Joe Horsham (drums) and Freddie Criales (guitar). In 2020, they developed a strong online presence through a consistent stream of engaging and clever content. With their breakout single, “Sick of It All”, the group generated millions of fans and became one of the first artists to go viral on TikTok attracting 320k followers and gaining 3.5M likes.

With the resurgence of pop punk, they dove headfirst into music and unleashed their smash mixtape “Dream Eater” debuting hits like Love Me (featuring Kellin Quinn), Back On My Bullshit (featuring iamjakehill), TDH2S (featuring Ollie Baxxter) and more.