Ukrainian producer and artist 6th Crowd, aka Dari Maksymova, drops her new single titled ‘Самозванцы (Samozvantsiy)’. ‘Самозванцы’ translates to ‘Imposters’ from Ukrainian. And a fitting title this is, as the song addresses the insecurities with aa false sense of confidence and the ending result being that we create a disconnect between ourselves and those around us. What we feel about the perception of others and how we translate that into our own perception of the self is how we define ourselves in this day and age. One does not need to study the theory of the Id in order to understand that basic fundamental.

And what 6th Crowd has done here is to personify that in music with a solid dance beat and subtle droning vocal that sends the point home, in any language.

‘Самозванцы (Samozvantsiy)’ is out now digitally. It can be streamed via Spotify and YouTube, and is available from online stores, such as Apple Music and directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

About 6th Crowd

6th Crowd is the solo project of Dari Maksymova, an electronic producer and singer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is best known as frontwoman, synth and bass player of the post-punk band On The Wane. Inspired by both instrumental and electronic music, 6th Crowd combines grooves from rave dance floors, melancholic storytelling from 80’s alternative rock and melodic pop vocals.

As a kid, Dari was obsessed with dance and dreamed of becoming a choreographer. It never happened but the inner connection between rhythm and body never disappeared. Much later (in 2018), as a bass player, she took a part in a dance and music program in Germany and that kid, obsessed with dance, woke up. Dari attended legendary dancefloors where Thomas P. Heckmann and Regis were playing and discovered a wonderful new world of polyrhythms and textures. By that time, synths and drum machines have already appeared in On The Wane’s sound – her port of entry, so to speak, to creating electronic music. After the band disbanded, she took an intensive course in electronic music production, run by Kyiv’s techno community Modular UA – thus was born 6th Crowd.

This song explores everyday life’s tendencies of trying to cover our insecurities with fake confidence, but instead, end up covering up our ability to connect with each other. On a dance floor, it’s hard, if not impossible, to hide who you really are. So we stop faking. We stop covering up our insecurities. We connect with each other, and maybe more importantly, we connect ourselves.

“I was thinking about superhero culture because that’s sort of a big thing right now right? At this moment we’re so obsessed with superheroes. And I think part of it has something to do with the idea of putting on a costume and getting to be someone other than who you are, and maybe being someone better, or stronger, or more capable. We want to see and do amazing things,” says Dari Maksymova.

“That got me thinking about how we kind of do that in our own lives anyway – except it’s the other way around. The opposite. We put on a costume that makes us seem like we are less than we are. In our day to day life, we are putting on this costume of a person who has to worry about their job. About their bills. About being respectable. About being an adult.

On the dancefloor, it’s different though. When you see people moving to music, it’s like seeing people take off that costume that the “real” world wants us to wear, and we get to be the superhero that’s been under the surface the whole time. Someone who is free, emotional, feels the music, and someone that loves to dance. And when you’re surrounded by people who are suddenly freeing that inner version of themselves, truly amazing things can happen.”

6th Crowd’s music is inspired by such artists as Modeselector, Siriusmo, Four Tet and Thomas P. Heckmann. This single was mixed and mastered by