A Beck has today released his new single titled ‘You Coming Back?’. Its rare that you hear that near perfect blend of pop and hip hop pioneered into the same sonic package. That crisp intro establishes a monster hook laid underneath A Beck’s vocal melodies in an explosion of subtle sounds that slow build to a glorious grind. A Beck’s sound is signature.

‘You Coming Back?’ is out as of today.

About A Beck & ‘You Coming Back?’

A Beck unleashes his new single, “You Coming Back?” The song tells a story about two lovebirds apart from one another, one away at college and the other waiting for their love to return for the summer. “You Coming Back?” focuses on the emotions that build up while waiting through the distance.

“You Coming Back?” was produced by Kmo the Bro. A Beck uses his unique voice to belt out a new age sound. “You Coming Back?” has a catchy hook and soulful melodies which A Beck’s fans have come to expect.

Already with four vibey singles released in 2021, the Orlando native is showing no signs of slowing down. The emotional, yet hopeful nature of “You Coming Back?” makes for a great Pop summertime anthem that listeners all over can connect with. A Beck will definitely have you coming back for more.

Press Photo Credits: @finesselevine; @mikedunnusa