1. The Girl Inside of You A Blue Flame 3:04

Anthemic by execution and catchy by design, A Blue Flame deliver “The Girl Inside of You” to the music lover inside of all of us. Channeling the best of the best in alt-rock with the rhythm of a true master, A Blue Flame capture the essence of feel-good melodies and pop sensibility with this new track which is sure to humming the hook way after the 3:03 mark.

The Girl Inside of You
The Girl Inside of You

About A Blue Flame
A Blue Flame is the latest project from Leicester based songwriter, Richard Stone. His first album, “someone else’s dreams will fill our home” was released under the name ‘Woodman Stone’ in 2013. The lead song, ‘Does Madonna Dream of Ordinary People’ gained widespread airplay across the internet as well as BBC 6Music and BBC Leicester.

Stone’s music was reviewed on Tom Robinson’s freshonthenet website as: “wonderful unashamed pop music that comes with an inbuilt English Pop sensibility running through to its very core”

Stone recorded his new album, “what we’ve become is all that now remains” at Deadline Studios in Leicester over the last year and it will be released on 19th August.

Stone’s brought together some of Leicester’s best musicians to bring his new batch of songs to life, including co-producer Adam Ellis on guitar and Tony Robinson from The Beautiful South on keys and brass.

If the album has a theme then it’s about loss – of love, life, innocence, and faith. The lead single ‘The Girl Inside of You’ might seem like a straightforward break-up song but it isn’t … the chorus lyrics were found discarded in an old notebook in January 2015 and they inspired Stone to think about loss in a broader sense, writing each line of the verses to paint a different picture, like 16 separate stories.

Album tracklisting

  1. When Time Slowed Down
  2. Everyday Yesterday
  3. The Girl Inside of You
  4. Our Memories Fade
  5. Be Kind to Yourself
  6. I Don’t Know
  7. Out There Somewhere
  8. From God on Down
  9. Marlborough Park Avenue
  10. The Sun Refused to Shine
  11. Feeling The Same
  12. Goodbye

As for the music, well it’s clearly influenced by every classic songwriter of the 60’s and beyond but in the end, it all sounds like nothing more than A Blue Flame if only because “as soon as Stone opens his mouth you know exactly who this is. It’s the voice that identifies it & if it resonates with you, you will be back for more.” (freshonthenet)