1. Like The Boys Alex Kolo 2:18

Alex Kolo has today released her new single titled ‘Like The Boys’. As a debut track, there is nothing stronger than a song as ‘Like The Boys’ is. Not only musically, but in the message as well. This is a song of strength. I won’t talk about equality because that’s a given. That should have already been implemented. Long ago. Actually, it should have never been an issue. And there will be a time where it won’t. Songs like this assure us of that.

About Alex Kolo

Alex Kolo is a singer-songwriter. At only 18-years-old, she will be releasing her debut single “Like the Boys” on October 22nd.

“‘Like The Boys’ is a pop song written to bring awareness to the gender inequality issues that women still face in 2021. I was sitting in my basement with my best friend, and we were talking about gender inequality. At that point, ideas for lyrics flooded my head and I ran to get my computer and started typing. It actually only took me about 30 minutes to write the entire song. I recorded ‘Like the Boys’ in June of 2021. I worked with Kim Yarson (Bonnie Dog Productions) in creating the song, which features guitar work by Joseph Jackubicki.”

Alex Kolo