1. Comatose Off Orbit 6:35

Off Orbit is a psychedelic jam/groove band from Miami, FL founded and fronted by brothers Mo (vocals, bass, keys, harmonica) and Marc Oz (lead guitar). The bros acquired a taste for Rock ‘n’ Roll and Alternative music while growing up in sunny South Florida. As soon as they could, they started jamming together and soon after found themselves collaborating on different musical projects while interacting with the local music community. After a period of experimentation and line up configurations they honed the type of band that would meet all their musical expectations and ideals.

Enter Off Orbit, whose first EP, City of Wonders (2012), received positive reviews, most notably from famed record producer, Stuart Epps, for its fresh take on psychedelic Rock and Electro Funk. Throughout the years since its inception, Off Orbit’s founding members have teamed up with other seasoned musicians from the Magic City to round out the group into what it is today.

The diverse sound of Off Orbit can be categorized as a “psychedelic jam-band” but their influences and composition are much more than a genre. They take the listener on a journey undefined by musical eras and genres with a mix of rock, funk, blues, folk and bluegrass. The band creates a diverse listening experience in their work, which comes through heavily on their versatile 2020 EP Sixter. Off Orbit’s Sixter features soulful vocals, bass driven grooves, storytelling guitar solos, and upbeat percussion.

SOURCE: Official Bio