1. Fruit/I Don't Recall Waking Up Alienbaby Collective 3:19

Alienbaby Collective drops their new Double-A titled ‘Fruit/I Don’t Recall Waking Up’. Drawing directly from the obscure and the underground, Alienbaby Collective give a dark turn on the #indie with this track of dark duality with an eclectic twist on that certain type of music that we all quietly listen for and secretly crave that sticks with us long after that song has ended. That sound now has a name, and it’s no longer alien to us.

‘Fruit/I Don’t Recall Waking Up’ is being released via Bandcamp and elsewhere online. ‘Degenerate Moon’ is available immediately upon pre-ordering the full ‘F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L‘ double EP, scheduled for release on March 20 on vinyl and digitally.

About Alienbaby Collective

Alienbaby Collective is guitar-driven noise-pop at its finest. This is the solo project of Liú Mottes, previously guitarist in both Blue Crime and New YX and also currently playing with SOON, Slow Worries and OBOL LE.

Alienbaby Collective started with both the incessant need to make songs and sounds and as an experiment with recording when all you have is a half-dead laptop and the cheapest audio interface. From there it became a way of trying to create something that was of the moment, to capture a mood, a glimpse of Now. F I S H B O W L and T E R R E S T R I A L were both made within the same year and accidentally tell a story in two parts of that specific piece of time.

“This is a double EP or two small records that I made at home in my bedroom within a year and half of complete personal unrest. These songs started as little try-outs, like experiments with recording in the most basic way and with the cheapest things you can find, but they ended up being quite honest depictions of that time. Soundwise they are an attempt to stay with what comes out when you just play and then go with that: the spontaneity of what happens in a moment,” says Liú Mottes.

“Often there is imperfection (but what does that even mean?) in that playing or in the way, it is recorded, but it communicates something that was right there at that specific time. Lyrically, I only ever seem to write about coping with constant change and the words come out as a combination of that feeling with images of dreams, transformations/ metamorphosis and the end of the world.”

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When playing live, Alienbaby Collective tries to communicate by moving in and out of songs and noise improvisations with short guitar loops and distorted vocal textures. The hope is to create something that is both familiar and unknown – to create a space made of sound, where individuals are asked to immerse themselves in that comfortable obscurity and join the collective.

“I met James Ferguson from Humm Recordings at a show in Utrecht, NL where I was playing with Alienbaby collective and he played with Broads. There was an instant liking and we kept in touch. We seem to be kindred spirits in music and he proposed to release my EP’s as a double EP on vinyl, which I still can’t really believe and I feel very grateful for. I think it is a wonderful thing to work together with people that love music in a similar way and that have a real motivation to support other artists. Small scenes of very talented people and great bands helping one another out,” says Liú Mottes.