Andy K Leland returns with the single “A Chair is a Chair”. The song still has the signature lo-fi acoustic vibe of all his music, but features added instrumentals in the form of mellotron and ambient drone guitar, played by guest musician Simone Laurino, giving the track a lovely, poignant and fuller sound.

Andy stated that the song, recorded on an old 4-track cassette recorder: “I wrote the first two lines of the verse right after an old weird memory came back. Don’t really know why that memory showed up… but that’s how it started. I can say that the song is totally about a dream I haven’t had yet. That’s pretty much it!”

The trippy video, which was also directed and produced by guest musician Simone Laurino, shows a variety of psychedelic, sci-fi and kaleidoscopic images that represent the kinds of surreal things the mind would imagine in a dream. Different scenarios appear on the screen to depict changes and awareness within the path of life. A long trip in space and time paves the way to a flashback which leads the whole thing to some sort of ‘end of transmission’. Therefore it’s ‘SILENCE’.

Andy K Leland, born Andrea Marcellini, is an atypical artist in the Italian music scene. His minimalist approach to songwriting refers to the international folk scene of the ’60s, while his lo-fi attitude makes him leap forward thirty years, in the unforgettable ’90s. This creates such a unique sound, enhanced by his quirky, off-kilter vocal style. It all sounds charming in an off-beat sort of way, and perfectly suited to his mellow lo-fi sound. “A Chair is a Chair” is an ideal bridge on his new production that will see the light at the end of the year.