AV Super Sunshine has dropped his new single titled ‘Are You Happy’ from his latest release of remixes titled ‘Candyland’. When I first interviewed AV last September, I really enjoyed his outlook on the music scene in general (we even shared some cool stories about Sweetwater. Listen HERE to find out).

With ‘Are You Happy’, AV has a unique blend of danceable retro and kitschy fuzzy groove that injects the adrenaline in all the right spots yet lets up just enough with a well defined and poppy hook to give the average music fan a smile. This is totally a lesson in songwriting.

About AV Super Sunshine
Happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction. Researchers find that people all over the world rate happiness more important than all other desirable personal outcomes. Attaining happiness is a global pursuit. Evidence shows that one of the things that matter most for our happiness is our social relationships and our mental health.

AV Super Sunshine’s new song “Are You Happy” was written to bring to light how mental health issues can affect happiness. As a severe depression and PTSD survivor himself, AV has fought hard and found a road back. His mission is to have fun while sharing what has worked for him in hope others can be helped by his experiences.

His new track launch coincides with the BBC’s announcement for a major new pan-BBC Mental Health season. Like AV Super Sunshine, the BBC has an ongoing commitment to mental health issues. Millions of people are affected by mental illness. This pan-BBC season will raise awareness, share stories and give tips on maintaining good mental health.

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The artist explains, “I heard a BBC public service announcement asking folks not to be afraid to talk to someone about the issue of happiness and mental health. We think that’s a great piece of advice, whether to tell someone you need some cheering up or asking a friend if they need a hug, don’t be afraid to reach out”. AV Super Sunshine continues, “Everyone involved with the song is hoping “Are You Happy” get’s people talking and helping one another about the subject”.

AV’s “Are You Happy” album rock mix was recorded at Ben Folds Studio (RCA Victor Studio A) in Nashville. Overdubs were done at House of Blues and Dream On Studios. It was produced by Grammy-nominated James House. The female vocalist was Ruby Amanfu (Hozier, Jack White) and the mix engineer was Joe Costa (Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer). Every sound is a real mic’d instrument played in real time by a real musician. There are cool riffs, fun 70s inspired vocals, electric guitar, and real mic’d handclaps.

The “Are You Happy” pop radio mix and dance mix were both created by legendary producer and hit maker Michael Bradford (Dave Stewart, Deep Purple, Eurythmics, New Radicals, Kid Rock). Bradford took a completely different approach by transforming the song mix into a super fun Moog electronic dance, pop, and radio masterpiece.

“Are You Happy” is from AV Super Sunshine’s “Candyland” release. A full-length CD of remixes from “Candyland” entitled “Candyland Remixes Volume 1” is available and gives a sneak peek at what the full “Candyland” CD will sound like. The new remix CD also includes various mixes of the songs “Alien Abduction”, “Apple”, “Orange”, and “Time Bomb”.