Barbara Kiss
Barbara Kiss

Barbara was born in the cultural capital of Hungary. She started travelling when she was very young due to her parents’ work. That is when her love for exploring countries began and never stopped.

Singing and dancing were the most important part throughout her life and she tried many various genres by being a member of a successful choir, a poem singing group and by the age of 18 she received an Entertainer Certificate from a professional Music School lead by Maria Bornemissza, a well-known Hungarian jazz singer.

After graduating high school, she moved to the capital of Hungary, Budapest, and while she was attending university she continued singing and performing professionally. She graduated university in 2009 where she was an American studies major.

She has always been fascinated by American culture and after she had the chance to visit the US she became even more interested in the opennes, fun and hard working behavior that she found in American people. Following her dream to become an internationally respected singer / songwriter, Barbara is currently working very hard on her career.