BisonBison drops their new track titled ‘Recover’. BisonBison displays that unique blend of originality and electronica with a fervor of creativity that is heavily displayed on this track. With a penchant for obscure hooks and an almost ethereal sense of the sublime, BisonBison gives a subconscious level of trance that really showcases the almost jazz-natured beats courtesy of drummer Brad Weber of Caribou. Sonic bliss at its most refined.

The single ‘Recover’ is out now. The album ‘Hover’ releases on February 7, 2020, via Zozaya Records.

About BisonBison

BisonBison is the collaboration of producers Dani Ramez and Chad Skinner, drummer Brad Weber, harpist Sinéad Bermingham, and vocalist Sophia Alexandra. The album began as a series of loose acoustic jam sessions that were eventually pieced together to become a collection of songs. The recurring members who frequented these sessions week by week, ultimately filtered down to become the current five members of the band.

The five individuals all have different roots in music, ranging from traditional Irish and Middle Eastern music to trip-hop, jazz, and folk. Amongst their influences are acts such as Bonobo, Helios, and Christian Löffler. The fusion of folk elements with downtempo electronica characterizes BisonBison’s sound as refreshingly eclectic and heartfelt, drawing parallels to that of Four Tet, Portico Quartet and Kiasmos.

Driven by scattershot snare rim beats and complex rhythms, the dense percussive nature of ‘Recover’ is a collage of organic sounds and textures, set against hypnotic rolling basslines. Blending an elegant sense of atmosphere with raw jazz expression, the track offers up complexity and emotion, washed with mesmerizing vocals and dark melancholic undertones.

Vocalist Sophia Alexandra gives some background into the track: “The concept behind the lyrics of ‘Recover’ was cultivated over many years of personal experience and inner growth. The insight that I gained eventually found a home in this musical composition. ‘Recover’ seeks to explore the sensation of regaining and rediscovering clarity in moments of uncertainty. It is a song that delves into the tenderness of returning to old lessons and recalling the sensation of reconnecting to one’s self-worth.”