1. What If I Were The One Blue Panda 6:16

Blue Panda are set to drop their new single titled ‘What If I Were The One’ on May 14th. A retro sound, or ‘wall of sound’ in a way, the duo Pandas deliver a soulful bought of brilliance and beauty done in a retro style with a signature sound consisting of a Rickenbacker style sounding bass laid underneath a ‘Mowtown-esque’ swagger and responsively artistic guitars and subtle horns. This song is tearfully happy.

About Blue Panda

Blue Panda don’t like to give too much away but they’re two songwriters from Sweden called Peter and Anette.

‘What If I Were The One’ is their first single and was recorded at their home studio in Stockholm, the song is both a love story and about feeling a bit outside, or odd, not being the one to get chosen.

The duos influences include Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, Alabama Shakes, Arctic Monkeys, Rival Sons and Jimi Hendrix but they like to carve their own sound and this is just the beginning, welcome to Blue Panda.