Kurtis Hoppie has released his new video for the track titled ‘Vegan Burger’. A unique track featuring Kurtis’ original rap cadence and lyrical phrasing way left of the creativity side, ‘Vegan Burger’ transcends the rap genre into pop with killer sense for songwriting proving that a hook can be a monster.

The video is a story with heart and a visual with art and fits perfectly to the beat of the track. A video track for the sound.

About Kurtis Hoppie

Kurtis Hoppie is paving his way in the rap game with authenticity and lyrical intensity. Combining a background in singing with his passion for rap, Hoppie seeks to bring a message of hope to the hopeless.

Hoppie grew up in Las Vegas with his older brother and mother, struggling with loneliness and his own identity after losing his father at the tender age of five. Hoppie always found solace in music, singing in choir growing up and watched his brother try his hand at rap. Hoppie followed his brother’s footsteps and became Triple Thr33, a rapper who sought to bring a positive message to his listeners as he was exploring his own spirituality.

When he came to faith in Jesus, Hoppie found the father figure he was searching for. He also found peace from the paranoia that haunted him for years and respite from a life of emptiness. His new perspective led to a shift in the direction of the music, knowing that the words he was sharing were no longer his own.

“God told me that every word that I said had power in it and when I spoke, I need to be mindful as to what I was telling the people who listen to my music,” he explains. “Of course they’re going to get pieces of me and they’re going to get pieces of who I am, but really I believe it’s the spirit of God speaking through me and when it speaks through me, it could speak to their hearts.”

In the last year, Hoppie got the backing of RMG Amplify and his label One Vision Army after connecting with RMG co-founders Derek Minor and Doc Watson. It is a full-circle moment as Hoppie was making a name for himself in the hip-hop world completely unaware of the Christian hip-hop scene until he came across Minor’s music.

“With me being signed with my label One Vision Army, the doors just kept on opening and before I knew it, we’re going on tour with Derek Minor, Canon, Steven Malcom and so many other great artists,” Hoppie shares on his journey to RMG Amplify. “It’s just a dream come true to be able to work with these guys and I’m super grateful for Adam Hagaman at One Vision Army putting this all together and excited to just see what the future holds as we move forward in this.”

This summer, Hoppie is readying the release of Problem Child, his upcoming EP that aims to help “problem children turn to good.”

“I used to be a problem child for my family and society,” Hoppie says succinctly about the title. “Now I am a problem for the enemy.”