CAR has released her new single titled ‘San Francisco’. That perfect combination of songwriter and singer is, at time, hard to come by when looking for someone with different types but equal levels of talent within each type. We have that here with CAR. A consummate songwriter with an angelic voice and a penchant for finding the right inflection for the lyric to capture the emotion behind the words.

About ‘San Fransisco’

“On a first listen, San Francisco may be described as a mournful lament of a past relationship, but it was written only after I had made peace with the loss of my former partner, a great man deserving of undeniable love and happiness,” explains CAR (the suitably metaphorical moniker of Detroit-born, LA-based musician Carly Schneider). “In essence, this song is me looking back on the past with fondness and gratitude – my ex was a bottomless cup of support from which I drank with regrettably too much vigorous urgency. It is my apology to him; in the best way I know how.”

Listening to CAR for the first time is like re-discovering an old favorite or uncovering a forgotten gem – in her gorgeously crafted songs you can hear the noir-pop atmospherics of Lana Del Rey, the late-night intimacy of The National, and the relatable pop songwriting of Adele. Her music is immediately powerful, melodically resonant, and leaves a lasting impression. She will be releasing more new music in 2021.