Aidan & the Wild premiere their new video for the track titled ‘Pipedream’. At first listen one can usually tell if the music is performed by talented musicians, and ‘Pipedream’ certainly is. Aidan & the Wild is the brainchild of Diederik van den Brandt. And that first listen tells me that he is an amazing guitarist and a prominent songwriter. This song is simply gorgeous. And, while the video is simple, it is quite eloquent and fitting for the track at hand. With a crooning vocal over a tight and layered piece of music, Aidan & the Wild accomplish a quiet sonic bliss that stays in the mind long after that initial listen and captivates the heart for years to come.

About Aidan & the Wild

Taking a cue from heroes such as Ben Howard, John Butler, John Smith and the Tallest Man On Earth and profound love for ancient myths and stories about lost times come together in the distinct sound of Aidan & the Wild’s music.

Eindhoven based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aidan & the Wild, a.k.a. Diederik van den Brandt, takes his listeners away on a musical journey through his interpretation of folk and Americana music. Spending most of his days practicing his instruments results in a singer-songwriter who clearly knows his way around the guitar. Open-tuning fingerpicking alternated with slide- and percussive style techniques produce a saturated and captivating sound. The big blueprint of his songwriting is folk music, but within the spectrum, all corners are explored. From groovy Americana and uplifting songs about Jesus to enchanting melodies that transport the listener to another world, from personal stories about love to epic works about myths and dragons. Combined with occasional foot percussion and his raw and honest voice he delivers a one-man show that keeps captivating every second along the way.

24 years of age and close to 400 shows in the past both as a solo artist, accompanied by his band and backing up various songwriters as a multi-instrumentalist prove that Aidan & the Wild is no longer a “new kid in town”. Some of his career highlights include a support tour for Dan Owen (UK), playing the acclaimed Naked Song festival twice, touring through Germany and France, shows in various Dutch pop venues including the Effenaar, PAARD, Luxor Live and Bitterzoet and shows at Once In A Blue Moon Festival (playing with Baptiste W. Hamon (FR) and Tuckerville Festival. In 2015 he was selected to join the Proud of the South project and in 2017 he released his first EP “Iliad”, of which the song “Up From The Ashes” ended up to be released on Los Angeles based label Vinyl Moon. In 2018 he made it to the quarter-finals of the Grote Prijs van Nederland. His self-produced EP “Homegrown” was released in September 2019, and the single “Dreamer” has appeared in numerous indie/folk playlists by channels such as alexrainbirdmusic and Indie Folk Central. Fall 2019 has him touring through the Netherlands with the Popronde, the country’s biggest traveling showcase festival

About Pipedream

Pipedream is the 2nd single on Aidan & the Wild’s self-produced “Homegrown” EP. The song features no less than seven guitar parts and loads of additional percussion and sound effects all played by Diederik, making it the most elaborate feel-good song on the EP. The song was written about starting to live together, and the lyrics “She hangs faces on the wall” refers to his love’s career as an illustrator. As they form the country duo Maria and the Bandit on the side they’ve been playing songs from some of their musical heroes, both old and young(er). Daydreaming about moving to the country someday is something they’ve discussed often, and in the end, Pipedream became a direct result of these dreams and having played John Prine’s “Spanish Pipedream” over and over again.

Featured image by Kim Balster.