Civic Green are about to drop their new single titled ‘There Is Always A Light’ on July 11, 2020.  Before that, however, we get the opportunity to give this a first listen. And what we hear is a solid track built for summer and geared for the stage. This is a track meant to be played live. Let’s hope this pandemic lets up so that we can hear songs like this in the setting they were meant for.

‘There Is Always A Light’ is a custom made track tailored for the guitars and vocals they harbor and done in such a way as to become an anthem in scope and a rally in execution. Let this be your song for summer.

About Civic Green

Civic Green is a melodic four-piece Indie Rock’n’Roll band, hailing from former mining villages around South Yorkshire. The no-nonsense, driven sound encapsulates their working-class roots, whilst the contrast of escapism inspired lyrics shows a yearning for something more.

If you’re a fan of anthemic Indie then you’re in the right place, they don’t come more anthemic than these guys, and ‘There Is Always A Light’ is here to give us a much needed feel-good hit of the Summer.