Finely crafted, excellently mixed, and aggressively produced, Hungary’s own Cloud 9+ kick you straight in the face with their new single titled ‘Facepalm’. This delectable combination of dance, EDM, rock, and pop hit the mix and sucker punch the gut with that sheer audacity that is originality.

About Cloud 9+
After the band’s previous albums – the 2015-released Supernova and the 2017-released The Next Step, Cloud 9+ released another album. Mixtape will be introduced to the audience live on the 5th of July, at Budapest Park.

Mixtape has 10 tracks, half of which have been released previously and have conquered the Hungarian audience and music industry. The album – as suggested by its name – works its magic through different genres – from drum and bass to pop, rock, and dubstep, spiced with Hungarian and English lyrics. The album contains unique collaborations with Hungarian bands and performers such as AWS (“Viszlát nyár”), Deego, Hősök, (“A Város Visszavár”), Járai Márk, Fura Csé (“Valaki Mondja El”) and Mc Fedora (“It’s Monday”).

The show will be filled with surprises – unique visuals, new songs, never-before-heard remixes, and surprise performers. The band has just returned from their Russian minitour, where they gave shows to the audience of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. “It was an experience of a lifetime! We’ve never been to Russia before and it was amazing to see how the audience got along with our songs. It was perfect feedback and proof that we have a spot abroad and that our music has a worldwide audience.”