Curse Mackey has today released his new single titled ‘Submerge’, featuring Clan of Xymox. Dark and orchestral at the core, there is more going on here. A lot of things in the background, if you will. Similar to a mind on the verge of madness conveying that in the music. I have to confess, I love Curse’s voice. He is truly an original. His work with Pigface and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult is a gut-punch to the mainstream. His work with Beauty in Chaos is the chaos. So it is beyond refreshing to hear him reacquaint us with his solo work, from his debut solo effort titled ‘Instant Exorcism’.

There is nothing ‘instant’ about ‘Submerge’. This is a slow burn. And, to let the cat out of the bag, this is a remix package (remix tracks below). I hate the term ‘remix’, however. This is a re-envisioning. A new set of perspectives on an already dark idea. Chaotic collaborations. Curse has long ago made his mark in the music world, now he’s living in it. And we’re all his roommates.

About ‘Submerge’

Take a deep breath…hold onto the sound…submerge…we’re going under now…”

So go the gripping, opening lyrics to “Submerge” the first track on Curse Mackey’s debut album INSTANT EXORCISM.

On Fri. May 7th, in fitting tribute to the two-year anniversary since the release of Curse Mackey’s highly regarded debut album, Negative Gain Productions is releasing a remix single for “Submerge” which features a stunning dance remix by Chase Dobson (Tycho, Neon Cities, Cellar Graves) as well as an appearance from Clan of Xymox frontman Ronny Moorings who plays guitar on the track as well as a stellar dub-centric remix of “Dystopian Dope” from Martin King (DogTablet, Test Dept. Pigface)

Mackey says “The club mix of ‘Submerge’ was created as tribute to all of the darkwave/industrial/goth DJs out there who have kept the music playing during the shutdown. This is a track meant to be played loud when the darkwave clubs of the world can reopen. Chase Dobson really captured the spirit of the original version while elevating it from it’s mid-tempo post-punk industrial feel into a Darkwave dance floor anthem and Ronny’s guitar just soars across the top….I feel like a reemergence is taking place for music, both as a connective spirit amongst fans around the world as we start to see glimmers of hope on the horizon for live events, and for me on a personal, artistic level. I’ve been quite insulated, lost in my head and deeply involved in the creation of my follow up album. I needed to resurface and come up for some air. This single is a vital step towards emerging into the future of this new strange world we have been presented with and a moment to reflect on the Instant Exorcism album experience in the here and now.”

Curse Mackey’s “Submerge” is the first in a series of summer releases from Curse featuring remixes, unheard B-sides, live videos and new, original artwork which has become a popular component of Mackey’s releases. These summer releases will pave the way towards the much anticipated Fall 2021 release of Mackey’s forthcoming follow-up to Instant Exorcism. More details on that are soon to follow!

About Curse Mackey

Austin, Texas-based artist Curse Mackey is often known as singer + sample banger of industrial supergroup PIGFACE and as a frequent member of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Revered as a prominent performer and DJ in the Dark Wave, Post-Punk + Industrial music genres, Mackey has now launched a self-titled project with his debut album INSTANT EXORCISM. The album has received coverage from Kerrang!, Revolver, and others to very positive review and features a guest appearance from Ronny Moorings, founder of Clan of Xymox. Curse recently completed a US Tour with Clan of Xymox and just prior to the Covid19 Pandemic related cancellations was scheduled to tour supporting Stabbing Westward as well as a 45 city US tour with Pigface which is currently being rescheduled. He is currently working on a new band project with Rona Rougeheart of SINE, David J (founding member of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets) and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.