1. Wanna Make Love To You Johanna Kuvaja 3:59

Johanna Kuvaja has today premiered her new single titled ‘Wanna Make Love To You’. Urban beats merge with soulful vocals in a mixup of creativity and originality. Take into account self reflection from the artist and you get that certain type of musical magic where it simply works. The hook is powerful and music floats and carries the layered vocals to the end.

As of May 14, ‘Wanna Make Love To You’ will be available digitally across online music stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

About Johanna Kuvaja

Nordic vocalist Johanna Kuvaja presents her new single ‘Wanna Make Love To You’, a sexy and versatile offering – much like a modern “Je t’aime”. Her third single, evoking poptastic Mariah-esque vibes, was completed over a year ago but due to the current pandemic, its release was postponed.

Written by Kuvaja, the single was recording, mixed, produced and mastered by award winning London-based producer Sefi Carmel, known for his mixes for icons such as David Bowie, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, Massive Attack and Birdy. Kuvaja handled the vocal arrangements and also co-produced.

“I composed this song when I was dreaming about experiencing a deep spiritual connection with someone. I realized that I had only had sex with men, not made love,” says Kuvaja.

“Billions of people have had sex. I don’t know how many have actually made love? Making love is an art, created by two people with deep feelings for one another. It’s a giving behavior with commitment and care.”

Johanna Kuvaja debuted her ‘Shower’ single in August 2019, which saw her dubbed as Finland’s Sabrina and also drew comparisons to Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue. This was followed by ‘Back For Good’, with reviews recalling Christina Aguilera and Madonna, and then ‘Shower (Janne Hyöty Remix)’, created by multi-platinum awarded producer Janne Hyöty, whose songwriting accounts for over 40 No.1 releases (including on ‘ARASHI 5X20’, the world’s best selling album of 2019).

Finland’s largest periodical ‘Ilta-Sanomat’ declared ‘Shower’ and its respective music video among the biggest topics in Finland’s entertainment world in 2019. The single, which has been played on radio in over 40 different countries, also reached the No. 1 spot on Spotify’s official Viral 50 Finland chart, not to mention charting for 15 weeks straight after its release.

“It was such an exciting experience to travel to London to work in the studio with Sefi, who mixed my ‘Shower’ song and made it a hit back in 2019. I had the flu when we were recording, so Sefi offered me a lot of Whiskey when I was in the recording booth. No wonder I managed to sing all the low dude sounds in the bridge,” laughs Johanna Kuvaja.

Johanna Kuvaja is a trained music teacher from Tampere, Finland. She has a long history of collaborating with various renowned Finnish musicians, winning music writing competitions, touring the country as a duo, folk and pop orchestra, and performing on Finnish television as part of the ‘Finnish Star’ series. She eventually studied TV-performance and music at university, earning her degree and becoming a certified music teacher.

With a vocal range of five octaves, she is a trained professional, having learned piano from the age of 6. By 10, she had entered the conservatory, picked up violin and Finland’s national instrument, the kantele, and was part of an ensemble that won the Finnish Championship at the Folk Music Festival three times over. After TV performances and touring, she won her first songwriting competition, leading to more such events, including the Eurovision song contest.

“When things fell apart in my life, I was led to find my true purpose. Writing music brought me joy and cured me from depression. Sometimes music really is the only medicine the heart and soul need. Music is my way to express myself and process my thoughts while being creative. I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my passion,” says Kuvaja.

Photo by David Alcaide.