Pulsating like a sexy beast coming right out of the speakers, Das Fluff goes ‘Das Rough’ with their beat heavy, almost tribal sounding ‘Far Gone’. The title of the track is misleading in that the song is in your face from the start, pumping out that sexy rhythmic stomp as if it’s the last thing you’ll ever hear, dishing out breaks in the beat only sparingly enough to get one breath of air in. Remember to hydrate after listening to this. Bravo!

About Das Fluff
Das Fluff is the brainchild of Dawn Lintern. Next, to fronting the band (vocals/guitar), she writes all songs, creates the electronic arrangements and co-produces.

The Das Fluff sound is a bi-polar mix of raving guitars and heady dance beats splattered with electronica. Lyrics express unpredictable fury, explicit honesty and dis-arming emotional fearlessness.

The current line-up, Christian Ruland (live electronics/visuals) and Stefan ‘Misty’ Missfeld (Guitar), join Lintern playing headline gigs across Europe, Asia, and the US.

Das Fluff will play an eight-date Tour of Japan in October 2017.

Das Fluff recently released their third album, ‘Flower With Knife’ on vinyl and are currently recording their fourth album.

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Far Gone – About the song
‘Far Gone’ was inspired by observing contemporary western society’s addiction to its own misery. It’s love affair with its own pain. It’s introspection, self-obsession, self-importance and incessant desire for attention, sympathy, and compassion. Its burgeoning dependence upon pills, shrinks, and self-diagnosis in the age of the Internet. It’s inability to break patterns and reject decisions and relationships which are self-destructive.

The lyrics are both a cry for help and a dirty confession. They explore the interior landscape of a person unable to escape their obsession with themselves – addicted to their own misery and reveling in their own self-inflicted unhappiness.

The beat is compulsive, frenetic and seemingly unstoppable. The pattern cannot be broken. The relentless shrieking of the intro and outro synth lines, bring to mind the brutality and horror of the shower scene in Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ and hint at the bloody torture which is imminent.

“Flower with Knife isn’t just their best record yet but by any standard, a f*cking sensational one, leaving your reviewer at least slightly in awe as well in need of amending this review’s first line: Some things never change except for the better and thank f*cking god for that.”
– stereoembersmagazine.com

“The deranged love child of Debbie Harry and Freddie Mercury set to the melodies of Goldfrapp.”
– seesound.co.uk

“This type of electronica is providing more lyrical and stylistic risk taking which Das Fluff and others such as The Knife and Gary Numan are willing to take.”
– musicandotherthings.com

“Adding punk edge to the surging beats of Numan and Depeche Mode inspired electro, with a bit of Throbbing Gristle chucked in for good measure.”
– hitthefloor.com

“a compelling electro-pop rollercoaster featuring formidable front-woman Dawn Lintern.”
– The Independent

Live Performances:

  • 30 Sept – Werkhalle – Wiesenburg, Berlin (Germany)


  • 13 Oct BABEL, Tachikawa
  • 14, 15, 19, 20 Oct LIVEFREAK – Tokkyo
  • 17, 18 Oct OUTBREAK – Tokyo
  • 22 Oct HISOMINE -Ohmiya


  • Dec 2 SAKS – Southend (UK)
  • Dec 3 ARCHES – Coventry (UK)

January 2018 Asia Tour
(Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia)