Desensitised has released their new track titled ‘Emily’. ‘Power trio’ is a term that, sometimes I feel is overused when it comes to a band with three members, however, it truly fits here with Desensitised. Fits as in this is a trio with power. That power streams through the speakers with the confidence of a 50 piece orchestra and a mission, and that mission is to rock. And rock, they do.

About Desensitised
Desensitised is a rock trio from Nottingham, UK, made up of Charlotte (lead vocals/bass), Libby (guitar/backing vocals) and Claire (drums). Their new album ‘Sister Psychosis’ was recently released to an incredible response and their popularity continues to grow at an astounding rate within the rock music scene.

The band on the track:

‘Emily’ is one of our favorite songs on the new album. It’s a pop-punk anthem with vibrant guitars, punchy beats, and a killer chorus. The song’s protagonist ‘Emily’ represents the girl everyone wants to be, who seems perfect on the outside but isn’t all that she seems. The theme of jealousy is prevalent throughout the songs, with lyrics full of angst and conflicting emotions which contrasts with the song’s uplifting melodies.