1. Sail Away Diane Ofori 4:03

Diane Ofori is set to release her new single titled ‘Sail Away’ on August 13th. That smooth jazz ensemble sound is fresh and relevant with Diane’s smooth and lounge vocals commanding a rejuvenated sound with the creativity of an original voice and the talent of a true musician.

About Diane Ofori

Born and raised in a working-class family in the heart of the East End of London, from the age of three Diane aspired to become a singer.

She loved to watch classic musical films and from being a little girl, she would sing and perform for anyone that wanted to listen to her. Growing up she tried her hand at many musical styles, but when Diane began to perform Jazz and Gospel songs, was when she discovered her voice.

During her journey Diane has had the privilege in partnering with top composers Steve Carmichael and Vegard Schow in creating masterpieces.

Sail Away was penned to a composition by Vegard Schow. Downcast, Diane came to a desperate realisation that a relationship that she had sowed so much into and was hoping would be the one, wasn’t, and had to press into her faith for the strength to let go, forget and move on.