The Lovers have released their new album titled ‘Lite Brite’. Starting off with that right mood and captivating set of notes, ‘Lite Brite’ is a somewhat ethereal journey through the minds of true musicians. Think in the vein of, not stylistically but vibe, of Buckingham/Nicks, with a dash of Mazzystar. Yet, updated for the new decade. Almost a cathartic journey in many ways. This album will move you and stir your soul just a little bit.

About ‘Lite Brite’

A few years after meeting at a writer’s night in Franklin, TN, Amanda June and Cole Vosbury decided to join forces as “The Lovers” and are now releasing their second EP together, called Lite Brite, out now. An organic writing and recording process in the pair’s home studio led to the creation of a rebirth, “a shedding of old to bring in something new.”

The EP kicks off with “New Moon,” a song that explores more than the start of a new lunar cycle; a song that speaks to new beginnings, rebirth, potential, to discovering and growing into your true self everyday – something that resonated with June and Vosbury as they were creating this sophomore EP. The duo’s voices mesh together, perhaps more seamlessly than ever, over synthpop production that stays true to the duo’s acoustic/folk roots. Lite Brite takes the listener through an honest and fulfilling journey of self-discovery and ends with “Moonstoned,” a joyful celebration of the true self that has been brought into the light over the course of the “inward journey” that was the creation and experience of this EP.

About The Lovers

Meet The Lovers – featuring Amanda June and Cole Vosbury. Two singer-songwriters who met by divine will at a writer’s night in Franklin, TN on the night of February 26, 2014. After Vosbury’s national success as a Top 5 finalist on season 5 of NBC’s The Voice, he was on and off the road touring state by state and brought Amanda June alongside to perform songs they had recently written together. They naturally became inseparable, sharing every stage together from there on out. The two decided to combine forces and a couple years later, they decided to put out music together as “The Lovers.” Inspired by the depth of the meaning behind The Lovers Tarot Card, you could say the birth of the creative pair was truly in the cards. “Together they are seamless, each artist’s voice complementing the other’s wonderfully with a magic that happens on and off stage.”

They have gained an organic following from playing sought after listening rooms, theaters, and music festivals for the past 7 years. In 2020, exactly 6 years to the day they met, Cole & Amanda June released their long-awaited 7 song Debut EP. It was recorded and produced by The Lovers in their living room studio. It is a labor of love influenced by Americana, Country, and soul music. From the very first tune of the EP “Livin’ Life and Killin’ Time,” co-written with hit songwriter and dear friend Dave Pahanish, you know you are in for a treat. “The Lovers” album from beginning to end is a breath of fresh air as the nostalgic sounds and captivating melodies of The Lovers bring you into their world of imagination.

They are both artists in their own right and live to create whether that be visual art or music. Cole also releases his own solo work that he is very passionate about and has two full lengths albums out with a large catalog of music waiting to be heard. The most important thing to them now day in and day out is to be home more to make sure they have as much time as possible to make music or sit around and listen to their favorite records. Writing for film is also a passion of theirs and they are starting to transition from a full time touring act to songwriters who can work from home.

Their second EP ‘Lite Brite’ is completely written, performed and recorded by the two of them over the course of a year. Inspired by the kind of music and sounds they were hearing at the time, their new EP leans more towards folk and synth-pop. Their EP is sure to take you to another state of mind. The Lovers music is evergreen and they can’t wait to share the new record with everyone.