1. Time Machine Dreampark 3:45

Dreampark has released their new single titled ‘Time Machine’. Mixing pop from different eras and slightly different genres, Dreampark make a lucid blend of music that demands that first, second, and third listen.

About Dreampark

Deeply inspired by the old days (60’s, ’70’s, and 80’s) and naturally drawn to the dreamy world of psychedelia, the duo started to create and define their sound and style, experimenting with dreamy synths and twisted, yet catchy, melodies. They came up with the idea of Nostalgic-Pop, which is all about that burst of nostalgia, mixing different elements, old and new, to create an ״instant memory”, so to speak.

“Summer Storm”, their first EP (2019), was recorded and produced in full in their small East London apartment, then magically teleported to Yoad Nevo (Nevo Studios – Sia, Brian Adams, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp and more) for a final shiny touch of mix & mastering.

“When I first heard the recordings I was immediately captured by the unique aura it evoked. I knew I had to maintain this special feeling as I mixed and mastered the EP, and I’m very pleased with the result.”
Yoad Nevo

The new EP “Gold Rush” is also a concept (mini) album about the things we all want more of. The EP will be released single by single, with the first single “My Medal” already out and available on all major platforms.

Images courtesy of Yarden Tamari