1. It’s For Fun (That’s All We’re Living For) Forty Nineteens 0:30
  2. Tell Me Forty Nineteens 0:30
  3. Late Night Radio (feat. Tony Valentino) Forty Nineteens 0:30
  4. We’re Going To Las Vegas Forty Nineteens 0:30
  5. Go Little GTO Forty Nineteens 0:30
  6. Time Marches On Forty Nineteens 0:30
  7. You’ve Got Stardust Eyes Forty Nineteens 0:30
  8. I’m Always Questioning Days Forty Nineteens 0:30
  9. It’s The Worst Thing I Could Do Forty Nineteens 0:30
  10. You’re the Kind of Girl Forty Nineteens 0:30
  11. We Can’t Change Forty Nineteens 0:30

Forty Nineteens have released their upcoming album titled ‘New Roaring Twenties’. Sending a positive message about the not-to-distant future, the Garage Rock Kings of California pronounce that this decade will rock with a set of tracks that span the gamut of classic garage and grit with a level of determination only true artists possess.

About Forty Nineteens

Only the undisputed kings of California garage rock could offer such a positive and energetic take on our new decade, and the irresistible energy of the album will make you want to celebrate as well. Radio-ready and full of propulsive guitars and indelible melodies, it’s the record we need right now.

As the band proclaims, the world will soon see a new renaissance. NEW ROARING TWENTIES is the band’s promise to you of better days to come, with the spirit of timeless rock and roll as our guide. And who better to make such a guarantee than THE FORTY NINETEENS? John (vocals, guitar) and Chuck (guitar), both criminal defense attorneys / one-time touring musicians and full-time pranksters, formed the band while working in the San Diego courts. Searching for a band name that gets an inside laugh on the job, they decided on something that is said by every judge in every courtroom in the state of California. That term is “Forty Nineteen.” A 4019 credit is time off the sentence of a detainee who behaves in jail. Everyone can agree that we ALL can use some time off for good behavior.

With boisterous energy to spare, this is a band that lives, dies, and slays onstage, but the past year without gigs hasn’t dulled their drive. The new record is a red-hot barrage of 11 tracks, only one of which clears the three-minute mark – a clear signal that this is an album that has all the punch of the band’s scorching live set. It’s a master class in compact songwriting and stage-ready guitar sonics drawing on the whole history of tuneful, muscular rock and roll, from its rockabilly roots through the Stones, The Modern Lovers, CCR and The Smithereens. And its heart is in the garage with the likes of The Standells, whose TONY VALENTINO adds authentic psychedelic fire to the hit single “Late Night Radio.”

If it feels like a stack of classic 45s, that’s no accident. The past year has seen the band dominating the airwaves with a series of singles, including the roaring opening manifesto “It’s For Fun (That’s All We’re Living For)” and its flip side “Tell Me,” the vintage car rush of “Go Little GTO” and the aforementioned “Late Night Radio,” with the brand new “We’re Going To Las Vegas” set to continue the run. They’re all here, having received rapturous airplay across the US from terrestrial stations to the satellite realm of SiriusXM’s Underground Garage, with legends like Rodney Bingenheimer, Drew Carey, Genya Ravan and Bill Kelly among their ardent boosters. Overseas, the UK’s famous Radio Caroline is among those cranking the band’s tunes to faithful audiences awaiting the new album… and new tunes like “You’ve Got Stardust Eyes”, “I’m Always Questioning Days” and “We Can’t Change” deliver the hooks and stomping swing they’ve come to expect!

Individually, THE FORTY NINETEENS have a hell of a pedigree. JOHN POZZA (formerly of THE LEONARDS) leads the charge with his impassioned vocals, aided and abetted by MARY’S DANISH vets MATT COLLERAN (guitar) and NICK ZEIGLER (drums, lead and backing vocals, and perhaps truly the hardest working man in show business). Guitarist CHUCK GORIAN and bassist KEVIN BARBER kick the whole show into high gear. It’s a classic lineup but with a sound that’s widely hailed as one of the freshest things happening in California rock. For all their history, THE FORTY NINETEENS have their feet firmly planted in the here, the now, and the future. “Time Marches On”, as they sing, and it’s time to embrace the NEW ROARING TWENTIES for what they can be. The joyous noise of THE FORTY NINETEENS is the perfect soundtrack for the times.

So turn it up and let them lead the way! This ride takes us to a lot of familiar places, while exploring new streets and creating new experiences. The old adage still stands: “To know where you’re going, look where you’ve been.” Just remember to have a lot of fun getting there. The New Roaring Twenties are on the horizon. The car is gassed up, so hop in with us… we’re going to the Strip!”