Mixed with all the right pop sensibilities as well as memorable harmonies and just plain good songwriting, Drew Davies adds his beautiful crooning style of vocals to his new track titled ‘Man On The Run’.  The track chugs along with a stylistic beat and gives me the initial impression that, while definitely a fit for radio, the song still has street cred for the ‘cool kids’ that usually mean a future classic in the eyes of those who listen to music and not merely hear it.

About Drew Davies
Yorkshire born and bred, now London-based Drew Davies has released his single Man On The Run and prepares to release his forthcoming long player in the Autumn of 2019.

On Man On The Run, Drew says “The song is an ode to modern dating; it portrays a frustrated character pushed to the edge after a failed relationship with a particularly fickle young woman, whose actions and words rarely matched up. Lyrically I wanted to play with the protagonist’s desire to write a straightforward love song but how his feelings towards the situation prevented him. The chorus refers to being ‘inside’ in both a figurative and literal sense, as a reference to both the emotional prison some relationships can leave you in and also how these feelings can boil over and cause us to act irrationally.”

The video is also available and Drew has now readied a full backing band complete with guitars, bass, keys, drums, and backing singers, bringing the full sound of the song to the stage as it can be heard at London’s The Finsbury on May 24th.

Musically, the self-titled debut is infused with a vast array of influences that stretch from 50s rock n’ roll to modern electronica. From the hook-filled, to-the-point numbers of Roy Orbison or Tom Petty, to the cinematic synth sounds of John Carpenter, Vangelis and Kavinsky, the music is imbued with a heavy tenderness; wrapped up in the genre-bending timelessness of artists like Bowie, Queen or Eurythmics.

The album was produced by Drew himself and was recorded at Tileyard Studios in London, before arriving at the hands of mixing engineer Steve Honest (Oasis, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac), with mastering by John Webber (George Michael, David Bowie, Super Furry Animals) at the legendary AIR Studios.

Drew is no newcomer to the music business though, having spent the better part of the last decade treading the boards of venues and festivals across the UK with various bands, working in musical collaborations, writing for other artists and singing in session gigs to get by, all while fighting his own personal battles.

With his older tracks getting plays on BBC 6 Music, Radio X and MTV Drew has seen some of the highs and lows of the music industry; from cutting his teeth and paying his dues on the so-called toilet touring circuit to recording in some of the top studios on the planet.

Through these highs and lows, friendships and loved ones come and gone, successes, setbacks and everything in between, Drew continues to have such a fierce passion for what he does; pouring his heart and soul into his musical labors to produce his most personal work to date.

The first single ‘Man on the Run’ is imbued with a baritone alt-rock vibe. With a pulsating beat that builds through its verses into an uplifting chorus, it carries the listener through a lyrical journey much darker in content than the music would have you believe at first.