1. Choppy Waters Dust Monk 3:43

Dust Monk is set to drop their new single titled ‘Choppy Waters’ on July 30th. The dynamic duo of deft return with a slick single featuring a mashup of suave and swagger subtly in your face with the coolness of originality. Hard to pin. Hard to peg. Easy to find. Listen.

About Dust Monk & ‘Choppy Waters’

Coming off the back of their critically acclaimed first single Dust Monk have decided to throw a curve ball with their latest offering ‘Choppy Waters’.

It’s as unconventional as the duo themselves and this time they’re teaming up with Liverpool based label Jacaranda Records

“Choppy Waters” has as interesting a subject matter as it does a sonic soundscape. It’s written about people choosing a more difficult path in life when an easier route was available all along. This, coupled with its unhinged and off hook production surely makes Dust Monk one of the most interesting prospects in an often stale and predictable music industry.

With a bright future ahead of them, a growing fan base plus the backing of BBC introducing and a slew of cool print press, the duo have an album’s worth of killer material and are in rehearsals preparing for live music to become a thing again, stay tuned campers, Dust Monk are on the move.