Mixing sonic madness with eloquent melody with their new single “Codes”, off their upcoming EP “Ruining Lives”, EnterTheLexicon have really hit a post-grunge rock anthem for the 21st century. The guitars are raucous as if Amos from Tenement took guitar lessons from the ghost of Kurt Cobain. These are the types of rock songs I like the best. The kind that mix beauty with chaos like Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and, well, Nirvana. Mykl and Danny are surely dueling for dominance on the track but. like when matter and anti-matter collide, not only comes up a draw but annihilates everything around it. That is, except, the thunderous percussion of Ben who, with his powerful beat, keeps the rest of the band in line. EnterTheLiexicon remind me of my first car because it always ran best when kept in the red.

“Ruining Lives” will be released November 27th.