Meet Tapio Kangas. He is a Finnish composer, lyricist, arranger and artist who has received a musical education in the United States and the U.K. and now he has created a universe of his own with his new project, The Spacer. What I mean by universe is that he is not working on an album, but a concept. Last week we premiered his new single, “Creature” featuring Peter Cox of Go West fame and to say that it is an original piece would be a universal understatement. It must be heard to be believed and appreciated. Check out our interview with Topias and learn how The Spacer is coming to fruition.

About The Spacer:
Welcome to the fantastical world of The Spacer. Conceived by Tapio Kangas and featuring a host of stellar musical legends, Spacer aims to inform and educate the world on the existence of extra terrestrial life. Born in Helsinki and currently residing in London, Tapio has written many major TV show tunes and top 10 songs whilst making frequent appearances on Finnish TV and his own TV show. His classical training enables him to intersperse traditional melodies with futuristic soundscape to creating the sound of Space

The Spacer is set to release their debut single ‘Creature’ later this year. ‘Creature’ is part of a story entitled ‘The Artefact’; a graphic novel and album detailing how extra-terrestrials perceive Earth and their concern over its inhabits and the direction the world is heading. The song is essentially a magnificently sounding space opera with a clear message.

The concept of Spacer is to mix facts and fiction whilst playing with people’s beliefs and conceptions about extra-terrestrial life in a new and exciting way. The phrases “they’re already among us” and “certain things are true whether you believe them or not” apply to everything that The Spacer is about.

The Spacer has drawn on a number of leading musical lights including Peter Cox, Chaka Khan and Nik Kershaw to contribute to the release. Peter Cox of Go West fame features on ‘Creature’ where he demonstrates the dynamic flair and precision he is noted for. This impressive troupe is set to take the world by storm and ‘Creature’ is the soundtrack to their conquest.

‘Creature’ the debut single from The Spacer is available now