Post-hardcore quartet Eyes On Satellites has released a new single “She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings”. Along with the new single comes the group’s announcement of their upcoming EP titled, ‘The Illuminator’, which is set to release April 6th. Mixed and mastered by Matt McLellan (Underoath, Being As An Ocean) at Glow in the Dark Studios, helped highlight the band’s influences of melodic guitars, driving drums and ambient sounds to give the six track EP, exactly what the band represents.

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“‘The Illuminator’ represents Eyes On Satellites as a whole. It’s the culmination of endless writing and hard work to achieve the growth and change as a band that we strived for. Going into writing these songs we wanted to both sonically and musically challenge and push ourselves out of our comfort zones,” explains bassist, Daniel Matthew. “The end result is six songs telling an intertwined story of love, loss, and having the comfort and courage to be yourself and stand up for what you truly believe in.”

Pre-order The Illuminator and listen to the new single “She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings” HERE.

“We all want to find our flame, something we can be proud of, this song is about just that and how hard it is to get there.”
– Vocalist, Dave Longval

About Eyes On Satellites:
Eyes On Satellites is a post-hardcore band hailing from the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. Since the band’s inception the band has had one clear goal in mind, to spread their energetic live show and message to anywhere and anyone who will listen.