Felix has today released his new single titled ‘Getaway’. on Jammerzine. Starting with a vocal line that captures the essence of the song to come, the song kicks in with a monster of a hook that lets the listener know they will be alright.

With a touch of #indie and a dash of brilliance, ‘Getaway’ breaks the confines of quarantine and looks ahead to the future when the present will be a learned memory.

2021 is already looking brighter.

About Felix

Born and raised in Birmingham, UK, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Felix creates an undeniably infectious brand of pop that comes from the heart. ‘Getaway’ is a catchy, mood-boosting and relatable record, written and recorded during lockdown, expressing the frustrations of being cooped up. Felix’s buoyant tone is instantly recognisable and assuredly delivered, carrying a natural charisma that is seriously compelling.

Inspired by an extensive array of genres, Felix’s sound is an impeccably future-forward blend of indie, electronica, r&b, synth-wave and pop. Coupled with his emotively intelligent lyricism and panache for storytelling Felix has created a truly unforgettable and addictive sound.

Discussing the single, Felix said: “Getaway is a song about how many lockdowns made me need a holiday to have a break from being sat in the same 4 walls for 6 months. I got really sick of the zoom calls, not being able to see my mates, and not getting out playing shows. I wrote and produced it all in my bedroom which made it a little easier being locked in, but I still really want a holiday.”

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Sonically influenced by the likes of Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, Ariana Grande and ELO, Felix is also hugely inspired by fashion, art, the people he surrounds himself with, and both the negative and positive encounters that come with that. Already amassing over 60,000 streams on Spotify alone, Felix’s deep and open-ended bond with his fans is evident.

First introduced to the nation after appearing on The X Factor in 2018, Felix has used his platform to spearhead essential discussions and bring a level of relatability to his listeners from the very beginning. Garnering both attention and recognition after the appearance allowed for Felix to perform live extensively all over the country, selling out his first headline show to a crowd of fans who had come from far and wide singing along to every word.

Describing himself as a laid back perfectionist, the most vital thing for Felix is staying connected to himself through expression and communicating both who he is to his fans and that he is experiencing the same things they are. With plans for an upcoming documentary, EP and another string of live shows, Felix has everyone on the edge of their seats for 2021.