Cheriton today releases his new single titled ‘Say Hey’ featuring Lydia Clowes. This song is like a breath of fresh air, to say the least. After an isolated summer and even more isolated Thanksgiving, it’s so pleasing to listen to a song that is both master-crafted as well as just plain fun.

A sweet combination of songs from the golden era of songwriting (mid 70s-early 80s) and a crisp and dynamic duo of vocals that meld together beautifully from CHERITON and Lydia Cowles, ‘Say Hey’ has that brilliant hook and laid back feel in a lucid combination of both and more that can let you get your groove on and back in isolation. Brilliant.

About Cheriton & Lydia Cowles

CHERITON and Lydia Cowles forge the perfect collaboration, in vibrant, feel-good track ‘Say Hey’. The indie-pop record floats between breezy and playful, with rich bass and jingling percussion underlying the track. CHERITON and Lydia’s impressive vocal performances are perfectly complementary, delivering silky harmonies and dreamy, echo-like tones.

Discussing the meaning behind the track, CHERITON said: “Say Hey is a song about communication. It’s about reconnecting and how sometimes you get stuck in those meaningless and drawn out “pre-chat” conversations… ‘how have you been?’.. two weeks pass ‘Work’s been crazy!’ ** ‘Busy’s good!!’. The verses explore those digital conversations you find yourself in whereas the chorus is the brain and your subconscious dialogue which keeps you attached and engaged. The memories of good times that keep you coming back, the acknowledgment and understanding of each other’s faults and how you process them.”

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He also explains: “Me and Toby have collaborated on music together for many different projects but hadn’t seen each other for a while so it was a song that poured out! Lyd came in to add the juxtaposition to the sound & a conversation which was vital. She sang the words so beautifully and effortlessly, it was very moving to watch! At the end of the day, Max Goff (Tom Odell) came in and played the Hofner bass on the track.. which glued it all together. We smashed it out in a day which gave it a very raw and occasionally sparse sound. I love these happy accidents, it defined the whole feel of the song. How it creeps and crawls into its parts mirrors the ease in which you can slide into those nowhere chats.”

Kent hailing, now London based, Nick Harrison created the pseudonym of CHERITON in the summer of 2019. The release of his debut EP ‘Parallel’ saw him gain critical acclaim from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Earmilk, Clash Magazine, and Atwood Magazine, as well as becoming a featured artist on Abbie McCarthy’s BBC Introducing Kent radio show.

Growing up in a small village in Warwickshire, Lydia Clowes moved to London to pursue music and has since worked closely alongside Tom Speight and Tommy Ashby, also performing as half of the female electro-pop duo Bad Honey. Having done backing vocals for Dermot Kennedy and Tom Odell, and alongside London Contemporary Voices for Sam Smith, U2, The Vamps, and Imogen Heap to name a few, Lydia is now working on solo material due to be released in 2021.

CHERITON and Lydia’s magical collaboration was ignited when Nick (CHERITON) was introduced to Lydia in the studio by Producer Toby Couling, and ‘Say Hey’ was effortlessly and authentically birthed. Combining their impressive talents, the pair deliver a stunning sound, showcasing how they are undoubtedly ones to watch. With exciting futures ahead for both, this is a power collaboration that is seriously stand-out.

Photo by James Gardiner.