Femi Taiwo really melds multiple genres with his multiple talents with his new single titled ‘Space for My Guitar’. Obviously, an accomplished guitarist in the style of the old school blues greats such as Robert Cray, Jeff Healey, and even BB King, Femi adds doses of hip hop in a seamless blend that transcends the heartfelt soul of guitar blues and in-your-face rap to give birth to a true masterpiece. The hook is an absolute monster that will win fans in the guitar community for sure and become a lesson in blues licks, to say the least. A lot of artists outside of hip hop tend to fail miserably when they add rap lyrics within a song of a different genre (Rush’s ‘Roll the Bones’ comes to mind), but Femi has that musical sensibility that only true artists possess where he knows what to utilize and how to use it in just the right way.

‘Space for My Guitar’ is released today. Get your copy HERE.

“The song was the first song that expressed what ended up being the concept for the album – at the time, it was autobiographical, since I had just decided to move to Los Angeles from Indiana. “I was born in the city, but it ain’t my home” refers to my birth in Oakland California, though we moved to Ohio when I was still an infant.”
– Femi Taiwo

About Femi Taiwo
Femi Taiwo is a Nigerian American artist currently based in Washington, DC. He fell in love with the traditional music in Nigerian religious and social gatherings growing up in the suburbs of Cincinnati Ohio, learning traditional dances. After learning piano at the age of eight, he would spend his formative years learning saxophone and being exposed to jazz and classical music. In college, he joined the Indiana University Soul Revue where he honed his skills even further, beginning to experiment more and more with hip-hop. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keyboards, saxophones, Afro-Brazilian percussion), rapper, and singer, his projects feature heavy use of live instrumentation, much of which he performs himself.

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