Atlanta, GA’s own Reptile Room give a dreamlike state of audio bliss with their new single titled ‘Design’ (video below). Fronted by the beautifully captivating vocals of Sami Michelsen and surrounded by an almost purely cinematic blend of lyrical emotion, musical devotion, and melodic immersion into a lucid yet smooth torrent of creativity that lets the song envelope you into the meaning and feeling of the song and stay with you long after that song has stopped. Originality is best expressed directly. Reptile Room has done this by ‘Design’.

Reptile Room’s new album titled ‘Jade’ is set to drop on August 9, 2019 via Om Records.

About Reptile Room
Reptile Room’s latest album explores lost relationships, addictions and internal battles, but also finding peace through it all. A band AudioFemme championed for their “thrilling, psychedelic visuals, intoxicating music, and powerful performances,” the trio is also planning some tour dates following the album release.

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The band’s music has been heard everywhere from the likes of MTV, E!, Red Bull and beyond. Formed in 2017, Bill Zimmerman teamed up with brother and sister Sean & Sami Michelsen to release a self-titled EP listed as one of Creative Loafing’s “25 Atlanta Summer Jams” and went on to be nominated for an Atlanta Culture Award (presented by Live Nation). The three members do all creative work collectively, be it writing, recording and mixing, or editing photos, videos and designing art. Reptile Room aims to add wild & adventurous elements into the box of pop music – everything from the art to the production is a twist on the ordinary.

“It isn’t hard to see why they’ve garnered attention…emotionally naked, confessional blends of electronic bliss”
– Atwood Magazine

“Thrilling, psychedelic visuals, intoxicating music, and powerful performances”
– AudioFemme

“A band honed in on full expression…thoughtful dynamics, spiraling sound, atmospheric presence”
– New Noise Magazine

Featured image by Mike Colletta.