Gaunt Story, aka Rob Ashworth, has a unique sound which is evident in his new single titled ‘Scattered Solace’. As the title suggests, this is a song hard to place into a genre. It’s definitely all indie, but there is much more going on. The guitars, to me, really stand out as there is a wonderful combination of acoustic strum and electric ‘noodling’ going on in a way I would have never guessed but perfectly fits. Rob’s vocals are another standout as he sings with an original blend of melancholy and experience.

About Gaunt Story

Based in the shadow of Pendle Hill, Lancashire, singer/songwriter Rob Ashworth began recording as Gaunt Story in 2008 creating heartfelt guitar-driven melodies blending elements of Indie Rock, Alternative Folk, and tinges of Electronica. To date, 3 albums have been released; This Gaunt Story (2009), Companion Waves (2013) and Nothing Holds You Like A Song (2015).

Gaunt Story has been brought to life with both full band arrangements and solo performances, but always with multi-instrumentalist Ashworth handling all the songwriting, recording and production duties from his home studio amongst the rolling hills.

Influences and artistic comparisons can be found, however, Ashworth has spent the past decade carving out a singular identity within fingerpicked guitars, loops of chimes, analog synths and seesaw rhythms.

Passion for lovingly crafted songs shines through an enthralling listening experience as Ashworth pulls you through soundscapes as beguiling as his northern skies.