1. The Cloudwalker Hegarty 4:39

Hegarty has released their new single titled ‘The Cloudwalker’. Starting off with a slow crescendo style chug, ‘The Cloudwalker’ transcends into a pop-rock styled track with a feelgood vibe and a laidback hook.

David Hegarty has that purely signature style vocal that captures and tamps the song and the moment in such a way that it makes his music recognizable whenever you hear him. That is the magic that makes the music.

About Hegarty

Hegarty is a 5 piece acoustic rock band from the working class town off Bootle in Liverpool, England. Formed in 2015 and still going strong.

We released our debut album “selling your soul to sanity” in 2017, featuring singles “I only dream” and “even the joker cries sometimes”. We are currently in the process of recording our second yet to be named album, we have released the singles “hold me close”, “love will find a way” and our latest single “the cloudwalker” from the album so far.

Our music has featured many times as pre match entertainment during games at Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC and has had airplay in many countries across the world. Our music is available on all music download platforms and our videos are available on YouTube. Give us a follow an keep your eyes open for our new album.