La Fleur Fatale have released their new video for the track titled ‘Skydancer’. Psychadelic in scope and beautiful in grandeur, La Fleur Fatale takes that underground psych and social status as one of the kings of the underground and solidify that as the next level of their career. Who knew that cool underground could be so catchy?

About ‘Skydancer’

In 2011, Swedish psychedelic indie-rock outfit La Fleur Fatale headed to the US. The band’s music had been synced by media giants such as MTV and Discovery and was aired on over 80 radio stations, reaching 200 million people in total. Following this accomplishment, the band decided to set up a mini-tour in New York. The tour resulted in the short documentary ”Share The Love”, which was premiered in a theater in the band’s hometown Linköping on May 26th. The movie premiere was combined with a live show featuring Ebbot of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and was praised by both visitors and media.

Now, ten years later, the band celebrates the occasion by releasing a brand new single – ”Skydancer”. The single shows a heavier and less polished side of La Fleur Fatale, while still highlighting the band’s cinematic, dreamy and dynamic characteristics. ”Skydancer” is out now. The single is accompanied by a music video, which is premiering 10 years after the premiere of La Fleur Fatale’s New York- documentary.

About La Fleur Fatale

Sweden’s La Fleur Fatale released their debut album ”Night Generation” in 2007 and its sequel ”Silent Revolution” in 2009. Between 2007 and 2012, the band toured frequently in Europe and the USA and produced a number of documentaries and short movies. This includes the documentary “Share The Love”, which was filmed in New York in 2011, as well as 2012’s “The Second Wave”, which was filmed after a 4000 kilometer trip through California. The documentary features Strawberry Alarm Clock, James Lowe, Duncan Faure, and Patrick Campbell-Lyons, to name a few.

La Fleur Fatale has been very successful in getting their music placed on TV, with their music being heard on Discovery Channel, American Airlines, A MC TV, and Six Flags.

In 2019, the band signed to Lövely Records for the release of their latest, 2019 EP ”Bound To Nowhere”.