France’s electro rock synthpop outfit Helix Pulsar just released their new single “Rapture”. A quasi-industrial yet fully electronic mix of pop and punch, Helix achieve a powerful anthem for the underground pounding with beats and surging with harmony.

The band has also announced they will soon release their debut LP ‘Beyond the Wall’, a 12-track debut EP that was produced by Britain’s Creative Music Studios, which is based in Brentwood. ‘Rapture’ is the lead single from this album.

Most often likened to The Danse Society and Clan of Xymox, they count Depeche Mode, The Cure, Archive, Mesh, IAMX and Muse among their key influences. They also seem to draw inspiration from such themes as sexuality and the addictiveness therein.


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Helix Pulsar - Rapture
Helix Pulsar – Rapture

About Helix Pulsar
In early 2014, Olivier Rennesson (formerly of Shiny Darkness) joined forces with Estelle Flaujat, who had, until then been involved in gospel and jazz. They united over a shared love of synthpop and electropop and founded Helix Pulsar. Both educated in classical music (piano for Olivier, piano / violin for Estelle), they compose their music as absolute electro synthphonies – note by note, pulse by pulse.

After relocating from Nantes to Lille (northern France), they chose to add a rock dimension to their synth pop vibes and welcomed guitarist Steve Boudoux, and their sound came to adopt the sense of pulsating electro rock waves, with contrasting yet engaging rhythms and distinctive harmonies.

“We’ve been crafting this album over these past 2 years composing with our busy private lives. This album is grounded in our personal history, helping us to expel our inner wounds from the past but also celebrating our love and life together,” explains Olivier Rennesson.

‘Beyond The Wall’ will be released on May 6. A video for ‘Rapture’ and a further single is expected.

“This song is about how it feels to surrender to the burning desire of one’s lover… a perfect blend of sensuality and wild instincts as well,” says Estelle Flaujat.


  1. Rapture
  2. Narcissistic
  3. Insane Fascination
  4. Death and Beauty
  5. Cuts
  6. Towards the Stars
  7. Drive
  8. This Love
  9. Some Things Are Better
  10. Unborn
  11. Cuts (Bare Mix)
  12. Come (Synthphonia)