1. Check Out What Sui from Pitbulls and Parolees is up to Now! Jammerzine Exclusive 22:28

To say that Sui Gordon is a Phoenix incarnate would be an understatement. This man knows how to take an opportunity and not only pay it back but pay it forward. Sui has been an inspiration since day one of his employment at the Villalobos Rescue Center and his first appearance on Animal Planet’s “Pitbulls & Parolees” as both a mentor to some and a friend to all.

And now he takes it to an even higher level with his creation of what could be called the ultimate Battle of the Bands and the new production company he founded with collaborator John Janatsch called 2nd Chance Productions.

Check out this insightful and in-depth interview as we discuss with Sui about his past, present, and future and how he’s able to do what he does to be who he is. And how it’s one helluva ride!

About Sui

Sui from Pitbulls and ParoleesRichard “Sui” Gordon was raised in Newport News, Virginia by his single mother. Unfortunately, her hard work was in vain. Life was difficult for them. Sui’s devotion to his mother and desperation lead him to the streets at the age of twelve to seek help. The allure of financial and mental security caused him to continue selling drugs while DJ-ing part-time, into his senior year of high school.

Regrettably, he sold drugs to an undercover police officer. Deciding to change his life around he moved to the west coast to pursue his dreams of music production. For nearly a decade his passion for music kept him in the studio until a fateful road trip. What began as a celebratory Mardi Gras Weekend turned into an arrest for selling drugs. Sui was sentenced to five years and paroled two years later.

Upon release, he was ordered to remain in Louisiana for two years. Sui says “getting hired at Villalobos was the best thing he could have done for his life and family, the dogs changed me”. In addition to his new life, he now has the platform he’s always craved for his favorite advocacy; youth mentoring.

He enjoys encouraging youth to find better ways to create secure lives and avoiding danger. Sui believes the significance of encouragement and guidance helps promote them for success. This loving family man will continue to pursue his passion for music, youth, and dogs.

SOURCE: Official Bio