Stellar production values can only take you so far. Too many times does sheer talent slip through the cracks of slick mastering. That’s why it is an absolute joy to hear those two aspects of the recording process merge into a perfect marriage.  And that has happened once again in the case of Hicari. Hicari has always had that special something about them that lay somewhere between eloquence and execution and their new track titled ‘Lost Me’ is yet another example of that. This track is beauty with beat. Hip with Hook. I could go on but the proof is in the play button.

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About Hicari
‘You Lost Me’ is paving the way for modern electro-pop music with its upbeat, dance-worthy hooks and its powerful dual vocal delivery. Lyrically, their new single touches on self-empowerment and realizing how valuable you are after being taken for granted.

Ryan, one of the lead singers of Hicari, says: “You Lost Me is a key and pivotal song for Hicari right now, I’m a little nervous to hear what people think about it as we’re moving away from our past songs and taking a slightly different direction, but when I put my headphones on and listen to this song I feel so much more invigorated, I hope our listeners feel the same way!”

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On the subject of lyrics, Shai, another lead singer, mentions that for her, it feels like the song is about who they are right now, “It’s a story about us finding our way as individuals and pushing through the hard times we have faced in the past.” She continues, saying “It’s funny as the lyrics ‘You lost me’ would seem negative but the meaning is more positive in its direction. This song for each of us relates to friendships, relationships and past feelings of moving on and moving past different stages in our life. I think it’s safe to say we’re excited to see where this journey takes us!”

Producer, guitarist, and saxophonist Tatsu Saiki talks about his production values and what the future may hold for Hicari: “With ‘You Lost Me’, the project is heading in a very different direction from its original 80’s influences. However, I set out with the production process with the intent of crafting a fresh sound for Hicari while retaining the key elements that make our sound identifiable. Personally, I’m very excited to see where this new sound goes!”.

Hailing from England, India, and Japan, Hicari, which means ‘light’ in Japanese, are an electro-pop trio made up of Ryan Bickley (Lead Vocals, Keys), Shayaan Oshidar (Lead Vocals), and Tatsu Saiki (Guitar, Saxophone). They bring their international influences together to create a new, energetic wave of music.

2016 saw Hicari first achieve recognition with their debut single ‘Catch Fire’ and its remix surpassing over a quarter of a million hits. During the summer, they played to festival crowds including LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) & Fusion Festival. They were also invited to perform at the Manchester City vs Bucharest game at the Etihad Stadium.

Kicking off 2017 with a bang, Hicari’s collaboration on one of Anki’s album tracks has surpassed a million streams on Spotify and earned itself a playlist spot on SiriusXM in the US. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, their single ‘Stellar’ and its music video were featured in the well renowned ‘Clash Magazine’ and is still burning brightly with the attention from its array of remixes.

Now, they are ready to take the world by storm with plans to collaborate and self-release more anthemic material throughout the year.