Holly Redford Jones delivers that swank, swagger, and sheer bravado in her new song titled ‘Bonjour Madame’, to be released tomorrow (May 3rd, 2019). Holly displays a beautifully weathered sheen to her vocals that convey an experience that only professional musicians can achieve, much less be aware of. The song itself floats along with a solid beat and a grinding rhythm evocative of the great blues and some Motown artists that lend the simple complexity of a solid hook and the soulfulness of raw talent. Well done!

About Holly Redford Jones
Holly Redford Jones defies convention and expectation. Raised in Chesterfield, UK, to a non-musical family, she began playing guitar at age 11. Redford-Jones attended her local high school and struggled to keep up in class due to dyslexia (she really did quit that French GCSE). Nonetheless, she went on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford “to make a point,” and, upon graduating, swiftly moved to London to pursue a career in music.

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The genesis for Bonjour Madame was born whilst just about scraping by in London, working in bars and other assorted odd jobs. Both a cynic and a dreamer at heart, Redford-Jones became frustrated at the cycle of rent-paying with seemingly little time for music. Encumbered by the weight of creeping political and cultural shadows, Redford-Jones fantasized about an escape across the English Channel. Despite now splitting her time between the UK and US, her short-lived Parisian dream endures.

Redford-Jones has been compelling audiences in the UK since 2017 with her unassuming, yet striking presence and commanding voice. She releases Bonjour Madame, recorded in Nashville Tennessee, on May 3rd.