Ilana J marks a new chapter in her rising career with her new song titled “Not Alone”. What I really like about Ilana J is the fact that, in every song, she has no trouble whatsoever blending pop sensibility with excellent songwriting. Her songs are that catchy. Also a plus in my book is that she is an accomplished guitarist, so every song she releases is another testament to her musicianship. Ilana is a powerful songwriter and lyricist. An explosive combination if I ever saw one and “Not Alone” is another exhibit in the evolution of her ever expanding career.


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First Listen: Ilana J - Not AloneAbout Ilana J:
Ilana J excelled in classical piano at a young age, but her dream of a future in the music industry was shelved for a more traditional education and career path; that is until a long, hot summer a few years ago in Maine, when she found the inspiration she needed to rediscover her talent.

Ilana dived in with intensive musical training on both the guitar and the piano, and almost immediately began writing songs, as if the lyrics and music had just been waiting to be heard. After 18 months of hard work, supported every step of the way by her friends and family, a chance meeting in 2013 with Mark Alexander, ex-keyboard player with rock band Meat Loaf, gave her the final push she needed to start recording her songs.

Ilana J’s debut EP ‘Free Falling from the Ground Up’ comprises sic original songs written and performed by Ilana J and produced by Mark Alexander. Her recent single release ‘Angel’ was written for a boy called Josh who suffers from Angelman Syndrome – all proceeds from song sales are being donated to fund research to help those affected by this condition.

In the wake of her critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Free Falling from the Ground Up’ Ilana is currently recording her debut album ‘A Star Full of Skies’ due for release in October 2016. The first track to be released off this album will be ‘Not Alone’ on 29th February 2016.

Living in Connecticut, Ilana is originally from Birmingham, England and is currently planning her debut UK tour for summer 2016, details to be confirmed.

“..If you enjoy your incredibly upbeat pop-music, then Ilana J might be a person to keep your eyes on over the next few years.. she’s certainly up and coming..”
Zoe Anderson, GIGsoup

“..Pop visionary Ilana J’s new EP ‘Free Falling From The Ground Up’ sees her belting out both songs of innocence and experience, touching on the brighter side of reality and reassuring the listener that no matter what – it gets better..”
Matt Bacon, WTF Magazine

“..Free Falling From The Ground Up: a noble debut effort from Ilana J..” Amy Jones, Noise Cannon “..Ilana J’s voice is powerful and pleasant and the melody flows effortlessly from her mouth..”
William Lienard, Peek-a-boo Magazine

“Guaranteed to turn things around when you’re feeling down.. Ilana’s superb singing voice manages to elate and inspire..”
Dave Simpson, Pure M Magazine