Some of you may remember our first interview with, what I call, “one of the most charismatic and charming up n’ coming indie icons as of late”. Of course I’m speaking of Robyn Regan. She promised us another interview when her new album, “This Love” came out and by God she delivered! In this interview she catches us up on how things have been and how “This Love” came to be. We also talk about her upcoming plans (hopefully a tour!) and how she’s able to do the incredible things she does. She is truly a magical persona!

As for her new EP “This Love”, to say it is dynamic would be an understatement. The hidden diamond in this recording is the fact that she, at such a young age, can write and record such diverse yet thought out tracks. There is no filler here. And each track is set apart stylistically enough from one another that they can each stand on their own. A pet peeve of mine is buying an entire album and every song sounds identical. That is not the case here. I get the feeling if I were to peek into Robyn’s song collection I would find a who’s who of ever genre and not a bunch of artists that could literally tour together.

Robyn is well on her way to stardom, not because of her image, but because of her talent and that is a very rare thing these days!

Her new EP “This Love” is out now and you can purchase it HERE!


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About Robyn Regan:
Growing up in East London, surrounded by rappers like Dizzee Rascal, Robyn Regan is the sensational young singer-songwriter who is not afraid to buck the trend. Her upbeat pop works well against the grain, with a unique sound and spectacular pop vocal that truly stands out from the crowd.

Robyn’s previous releases have gained high praise from radio stations and critics alike, plus plaudits from an even higher source, with tracks already making the top 10 in the iTunes’ songwriter chart!

She has performed on stage at some of London’s most prestigious venues, including The London Palladium, Her Majesty’s Theatre, The Hackney Empire, The Globe Theatre and The Barbican. Robyn has also been able to pick up performance spots on TV and in advertising, working on a campaign for the British Heart Foundation and appearing on kids TV shows ‘The Crunch’ (Nickelodeon) and ‘Smile’ (CBBC).

This mixture of talented song writing & performance Robyn Regan is set on course to become the Bow Belle of Pop .

SOURCE: Official Bio