Beginning as poetry and crescending into chaos, the new single from Jübl titled ‘Thinking About You’ gives a peek into the mind of genius ala Maggie Tambala, Andy Taylor, and Rudy Tambala with a positive mashup of acoustic and electronic stylings in a way that was seemed to be meant to be. This is truly the sleeper hit of the summer.

Jübl’s ‘Thinking About You’ is set to drop June 20th.

About Jübl
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the ‘69′ album by seminal dream pop outfit A.R.Kane, originally released by Rough Trade. A.R.Kane’s Rudy Tambala has announced the debut release from his new project Jübl with original Kaner Maggie Tambala and guitarist Andy Taylor.

Rudy Tambala has been performing and recording with Maggie Tambala and Andy Taylor under the A.R.Kane moniker since 2015. In May 2018, they decided to re-brand as Jübl for the release of their debut EP ‘Thinking Sweet’. Jübl is pronounced ‘Jhuw-bahl’.

Jübl’s initial offering is a three-track EP, called ‘Thinking Sweet’, featuring two new songs and a 9-minute continuous mix. Although it is not a literal retrospective, it is celebratory, taking stock of ‘69’ and its legacy, whilst pushing into the future with a brand new face.

Lead track ‘Thinking About You’ is a laxidasical ballad, accompanied with a video shot during their performance (as A.R.Kane) at the Primavera Festival, with footage provided by Barcelona Televisió.

Sung by Andy Taylor in harmony with Maggie Tambala, this simple pop lyric tells a story of displacement, atop 808 grooves with grunge guitars, Spanish guitars and twelve string with funky beats, noise, and rock’n’roll.

As this first offering fades, ‘Sweet Dreams’ emerges with its acoustic bass, infinitely reverbed guitars, saturated tape echo, feedback and distortion with a softly intoned vocal refrain in stacked harmonies, drones and clean, picked guitar.

“69 was A.R. Kane’s most innovative work, and over the years became the favorite of people that like our music. I wanted to do something for the 30th anniversary, to give back to people some of the feeling they have shared with us, and to mark the moment. We discussed remasters, t-shirts, box-sets, re-recording some of the tracks, concerts, re-mixing the entire LP, and so on, but there were ownership and rights issues that became impenetrable barriers, so I just kinda gave up,” explains Rudy Tambala.

“Then one morning in May I just thought ‘Fuck it, it’s a month away, just get the fuck out of bed and do something.’ Over coffee, I realized that we could only move forward and be free from the nonsense by renaming the band, hence ‘Jübl’. From that moment on everything just clicked into place. With this release of we took two of our new songs and intentionally approached them in a manner that celebrates both the spirit and form of ‘69’”.

The crossfades between songs were the main feature of ’69’, making the listening experience more immersive – such is crafted the transition with the tail end of ‘Thinking’ and the opening strains of ‘Sweet’. Other features that shaped ’69’ can also be found here: structured pop alongside more abstract, improvised composition; grooves, guitars, feedback and ambiance; a mixture of familiar and alien aural spaces; moments of intensity and of calm, with density and spaciousness.

A.R.Kane ’69’ can be streamed on Spotify and YouTube. Jübl ‘Thinking Sweet’ EP will be made available via most major digital sites on June 20 but is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp. Later this year, ‘Thinking About You’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’ will resurface as part of a larger EP, along with additional tracks, alternate mixes and on different formats.