If you’re not a ‘metal-head’, then give Flames At Sunrise a listen. Because, if you are one of those people who think all metal sounds the same, you will be shocked beyond belief when you hear this band. Jumping genres are like hopping over stones for this band. Yes, they keep their heavy roots but, leave it only for the root of their music. Flames At Sunrise truly evolve track by track in front of your ears with a tight sounding, collaborative talent-binding and fresh take on music in general with the angst of metal, the style of prog rock, and the melody of soul and blues.

About Flames At Sunrise
Flames At Sunrise is a metal band from Barcelona born in 2011 with the will to bring their personal vision of music, based in the influence of different modern metal styles and creating a new message from the sound experimentation.

After 3 years on the stage, they released their first EP called “Never Coming Home”. This EP contains 4 songs: “Never Coming Home”, “Take It Down” and “Bitch” (with a video clip for each one), and “Grievance”.

Since the release, they have defended their EP, winning some competitions like “NOUS TALENTS” in 2014 (with jury members like Carles Benavent, the well-known bassist of Paco de Lucía, and the guitarist from Pegasus, Max Sunyé) and “BARRACAS DE TARRAGONA“. Meanwhile, they were composing their next work, an LP called BORN IN EMBERS.

The release of BORN IN EMBERS came out with two video clips: “III Faces” and “Ark Flesh”, and a lot of good news. The first one is that “III Faces” got more than 1000 visits in less than 12h and is proposed as one of the best Spanish video clips in 2017 from “METAL ESPAÑOL”.

Another one of this good news is that Guitar Flash, a mobile and PC game developer with more than 2m of followers, has chosen Flames At Sunrise to be part of their APP. Right now, Flames At Sunrise is promoting their new album BORN IN EMBERS and is looking for new national and international dates for their tour.

SOURCE: Official Bio