1. Sunday Sanctuary Kiey 3:58

Kiey has released his new single titled ‘Sunday Sanctuary’, from his new EP ‘Sunday Sanctuary Part I’. A subtle electronica infused hook laden pop single, ‘Sunday Sanctuary’ is part brooding and moody, part pop and all original, with that signature infusion of originality and that certain something that entices you to give some artists a listen. A broad soundscape with plenty of room to get lost in and atmospheric enough to feel like you are a lone, in a good way, to get immersed inside the track.

About Kiey

By day Kiet Tuan Vuu executive manages real estate developments for a well-known leading Vietnamese manufacturing corporation but by night he becomes Kiey – full fledged musician who seeks to create great pop tunes for his fans! Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the electro-pop artist targets international audiences with his latest English release ‘Sunday Sanctuary Part I’, with four of twelve tracks from his upcoming sophomore album.

Having spent three years in King’s College London, Kiey now lives in Vietnam and continues to write and produce songs in his home studio. Having amassed over half a million Spotify streams on his neon-soaked, darker debut 2019 album ‘Night to Myself’, Kiey is shifting to lighter colours with the first part of his new album. The Sunday Sanctuary Part I EP introduces the main soundscape of the upcoming album and teases fans with a taste of what’s to come.

As the first single from the EP, Sunday Sanctuary’s haunting vocals and atmospheric production describes the serenity of spending time with loved ones on a Sunday. Electronic drums beat beneath strings and an energy that swells with melancholic and impassioned choruses compliment the heart of the song: the relief of being with those that matter after an exhausting week spent away. Written and performed by Kiey, the single is assisted and re-produced by the talented BeepBeepChild.