Down Again have released their five-song EP titled ‘Bury The Bones’. Part hardcore and slightly nu-core, ‘Bury the Bones’ delves into the heart of heavy with melodic tracks and angelic screams with a tightness within the band that is usually reserved for those with chest pains who know they’re about to die.

About ‘Bury the Bones’

Musically, the sound pulls heavy influence from early 2000’s post hardcore favorites, which they cite groups like Underoath, Thrice, Defeater and Brand New as their inspiration to pick up instruments and begin their own journeys. This young group has assembled a new EP that has the energy and smart songwriting of a veteran group but with the luxury of still being a trio who is just getting started. ‘Bury the Bones’ is the follow-up to their 2020 debut ‘The Devil Is A Gentleman’, which earned coverage by impressive media sources.

This is just the beginning for these longtime friends in their early 20’s who grew up skating, surfing and going to shows together in the bay area. The EP was once again produced by Nick Loiacono and the ‘Predisposed’ music video was shot by Tyler Dugoni from Visual Hype Productions. “Predisposed” is a captivating, energetic, and dynamic single and will kick off the ‘Bury The Bones’ EP. Listen to the track now and pre-save info for the EP will be available online shortly.

About Down Again

California Emo/Post-hardcore outfit Down Again had been carefully planning their introduction to the world and released their single “Actions & Their Consequences” May 2020, followed by their debut LP “The Devil is a Gentlemen” in June. These long time trio of friends have spent the last 9 years outdoors skating, surfing and hiking. The music on “The Devil is a Gentlemen” touches on the struggles of questioning faith, loss, infidelity and mental health.

Less than a year later the band released their “Live Acoustic Session” in March 2021 to give those songs a chance to be heard live, raw, and acoustic with shows being canceled due to the pandemic. Down Again draws heavy influence from early 2000’s favorites such as Brand New, Underoath, Thrice, and Manchester Orchestra. The band is rounded out by Lenny Costa (vocals/guitar), Lucas Garcia (vocals/guitar/drums/keys) and Alex Wechter (bass).