Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the group were formed by Leilani La Fleur and Bud Wilkins with the intent of bringing a particular up-tempo flavor to the world. Joined by groove masters Blake Savannah (Bass), Fergus Kuhar (Drums), Jess Maher (Sax), Gus Cox (Trumpet) and Mia Sifonios (Backing Vocals) hooks and Funk are abound, and the group deliver a strong shot of songwriting to go down in addition to following in the footsteps of Funk/Pop legends such as Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, and Chic.

Backed by the outer space odyssey that is B-Side ‘Cosmic Relations’, Le Fleur’s brand new single ‘Things That Make You Go Aargh’ is a must listen if you have a habit of getting down. If you don’t, Le Fleur will help you soon develop one.