To place a solid guitar solo in the middle of a poppy summer song with memorable hooks is a risk. But Jaz Mattu pulls it off brilliantly as he segues from one to the other with ease in a seamless transition of musicality. This is the mark of smart songwriting. The video itself is simple yet refined as we have a simple story revolving around the song. Bravo!

About Jaz Mattu
Kent, UK born, Jaz Mattu blends rock, pop, and funk with his music to create a truly unique sound. He sings, plays guitar, bass, synths, and drums – but is the first person in his family to pick up a musical instrument, which he did at the age of 13 after seeing Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit video on MTV.

He pleaded with his mother to get him a guitar and for some reason she did. It seemed to keep him out of trouble and off the streets during those “difficult teen years!”

He took a break from music until finishing university and starting his “proper” job as a software engineer, where he sat at his desk on his first day and figured there was no way he could do that job for the next 40 years… and so he decided to get back into music again.

His 4 track Saachrine Times e.p. came out in January 2017 and was the starting point of the Sanguine Man album. The album is available now and contains 14 tracks of quirky pop, music to rock out to and music to reflect over…

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Jaz played plenty of jam nights in Kent with his backing band from 2017 onwards and has now started playing in London at venues like The Fiddler’s Elbow, The Dublin Castle and The Water Rats. He’s currently booking more gigs as we speak.

SOURCE: Official Bio