Lord Of Pagathorn crawled out from its decayed coffin in 1992 at the Arctic Circle, Finland. The first official demo “The Chaos Spirit Among Us” was viciously chanted out in 1994 and back then the demo gained huge interest in the black metal underground scene. The hour of blasphemy and chaos triumphed!

Era 2010 – Present
24th of December 2010, over one and a half decade later, Lord Of Pagathorn once again united their forces with the dead and puked out their second demo “MSILIHPORCEN” presenting first three dusty chapters from the “NEKROS PHILIA” theme album, which Lord Of Pagathorn was writing in their rehearsal crypt.

In short period, the demo gained praising feedback and killer reviews. In year 2011 band roared out from its lifeless crypt and made a record deal with Woodcut Records. The deal consists of two full length albums and one 7″EP. Band attacked the studio later in the year 2011 and recorded one new song and one cover song for “Shine through my scars, Morning Star!” 7″ vinyl. “Shine through my scars, Morning Star!” was released in 2012.

Between 2013 – 2014 the recordings of “NEKROS PHILIA” took place and this first full-length of LORD OF PAGATHORN is set to be released by Woodcut Records on 31st of October 2014.